Who We Are

Mitochondrial Substrate Invention Ltd



A company dedicated to improve human health through nutrition

Mitocholine is patented formula of mitochondrial substrates/human metabolites that energises the brain.

Mitocholine increases and sustains energy levels in the brain and thus slows down the processes and signs of ageing.


Igor Pomytkin, PhD

Founding partner

Chief Scientific Officer

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Igor is inventor of numerous granted patents. At present, Igor is focused on the research in the field of mitochondrial signalling in Central Nervous System (CNS).  His particular interest is in developing  novel approaches for treating disorders associated with mitochondrial signalling and insulin neutrophin receptor activation.

Larisa Andreeva, PhD

Founding Partner


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Larisa worked as a Principal Research Scientist, studying various aspects of mitochondrial biology for over 17 years at University College (UCL) and Imperial College, London. Larisa got extensive experience of commercialization of patented inventions and is determined to oversee the necessary work to bring the novel functional nutraceutical ingredient to the market.

Galina Skladtchikova, PhD, EPA


Head of IP

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Galina Skladchikova, PhD, European Patent Attorney is Head of IP Operations/Partner. Galina is experienced in both neuroscience working for many years in Copenhagen University, and as intellectual property council advising companies within biotech, health care and food industry for over 15 years.