Who We Are

Mitochondrial Substrate Invention Ltd



A company dedicated to improve human health through nutrition

Mitocholine is patented formula of mitochondrial substrates/human metabolites that energises the brain.

Mitocholine increases and sustains energy levels in the brain and thus slows down the processes and signs of ageing.


Dr. Igor Pomytkin

Dr. Igor Pomytkin received his graduate qualification and post graduate (PhD) degree in Organic Chemistry at the Chemistry department of Moscow State University, Russia.

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Dr. Pomytkin is inventor of numerous patents.

From 1984 -1998, Igor worked as Research Scientist in the Institute of Physiologically Active Substances and Institute of Chemical Physics, (Chernogolovka), of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At present, Igor is focused on the research in the field of mitochondrial signalling in Central Nervous System (CNS). Igor’s particular interest is in developing technologies for treating disorders associated with mitochondrial signalling and insulin neutrophin receptor activation.

Dr. Larisa Andreeva

Dr. Larisa Andreeva was educated at St Petersburg State University, Russia. She received her postgraduate (PhD) qualification from the Russian Academy of Sciences and from Warwick University UK.

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Larisa worked as a Principal Research Scientist, studying various aspects of mitochondrial biology for over 17 years at University College (UCL) and Imperial College, London. Larisa got extensive experience of commercialization of patented inventions.

Anton Chernopyatko

Anton Chernopyatko was educated at the Moscow Aviation Institute, Russia. He qualified as a Control System Engineer.

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Anton is successful entrepreneur. He is dedicated to development of innovative technologies to extend and prolong human life and bringing their benefits to the world.