Age Later With Mitocholine

Mitocholine Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to commercial development of MiBrainTM a novel composition of natural human metabolites and mitochondrial substrates essential for healthy brain function.

MiBrainTM in the daily diet will maintain healthy metabolism and support cognitive health.

Cognitive decline is a major health issue:

  • Dementia is the primary health concern for 42% of the population
  • Over 50 million people globally suffer from dementia with about 150 million estimated in 2050
  • Over 200 million people have earlier forms of dementia and over 700 million are concerned (“Worried well”)
  • In 2018, health costs exceeded $1000 billion

MiBrainTM is a uniquely formulated nutritional product which addresses the high energy needs of the brain. It has a synergistic effect on ATP and NADH generation in the brain cells and is a breakthrough solution for limiting cognitive impairment.

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MiBrainTM is a lifestyle solution.

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