Age Later With Mitocholine

Mitocholine Ltd is a UK based company dedicated to commercial development of MiBrainTM a novel composition of natural human metabolites and mitochondrial substrates essential for healthy brain function.

MiBrainTM in the daily diet will maintain healthy metabolism and support cognitive health.

The generation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) energy-carrying molecule, found in the cells is based in mitochondria. ATP captures chemical energy obtained from food molecules and is used to fuel other cellular processes. The conversion of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to (NADH) is essential step for mitochondrial synthesis of intracellular ATP –intracellular fuel. Intracellular energy metabolism is centered around molecule of NAD+ and its diminishing level with age is well-known.

Most of the active substances with proven positive effect on longevity are involved in maintaining efficient intracellular metabolism. Numerous studies have demonstrated that NAD+ levels decrease with age, including human study that reports reduced levels in the brain.

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Mitocholine, being a specifically designed composition of Nicotinamide and succinate in bioavailable form of choline salt (DISU), provides unique synergistic effect in support of a metabolically active brain throughout life and above all during ageing.

  • Nicotinamide, being NAD+ precursor, ameliorates age-related NAD+ deficiency
  • DISU provides both short- and long-term improvement of energy metabolism due to sensitization of the brain insulin receptors, which are involved in a wide range of normal brain functions, such as reward, motivation, cognition, attention, and memory formation.


MitocholineTM - maintaining brain health through nutrition

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