Medical Food

Our objective is to develop Mitocholine as medical food for dietary management and prevention of cognitive impairments.

Mitocholine is a combination of two nutrients: choline and succinate in form of 2:1 salt.

Choline is the nutrient essential for biosynthesis of acetylcholine, (the transmitter of cholinergic nerve impulses) as well as brain and nervous tissues lipids.

Structure/Function claims for choline:

Choline maintains cholinergic neurotransmission in the brain, being the precursor to neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Choline maintains structural integrity of cell membranes in the brain, being the precursor to structural components of cell membranes.

Choline maintains methyl metabolism in the brain, being the precursor to betaine, the methyl donor.

Structure/Function claims for succinate:

Succinate is the nutrient essential for proper action of insulin, a “memory  hormone“ in the brain. Succinate is an intermediary metabolite and a constituent of the citric acid cycle and is used as chemical intermediate in manufacture of food and medicines.

Succinate maintains ATP production and energy metabolism, as being substrate of complex II of mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Succinate is crucial for activation of insulin receptor, the activation is affected in people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Synergistic effect of two essential nutrients choline and succinate, underlies the unique properties of Mitocholine as medical food for maintaining the healthy brain in old age. The Mitocholine molecule is special as it penetrates through BBB presumably using choline as effective transporter for succinate to affect neuronal mitochondrial signalling.

Mitocholine is the unique dietary ingredient that supports brain insulin receptor activation in vivo.
We aim to develop the dietary ingredient that maintains proper cognition in persons at risk of Alzheimer’s disease
and other dementias.
Reduced activation of insulin receptors in the brain is causal to cognitive deficits.

Soft drink for dietary prevention of dementia

Soft drink for ageing well

Our soft drink is a proprietary composition with unique mechanism of action. It helps endogenous insulin to activate brain insulin receptors to preserve cognitive ability in people at risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Mitocholine is to be used in amounts with respect to daily-recommended requirements of choline and succinate according to regulations.

Rationale for use specific ratio of DDW about 125 ppm in soft drink:
– “125 ppm water” is cost effective for manufacturing on a big scale.

– “125 ppm water” is exceptional marker for the authenticity of the product.

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