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Mitochondria are present within every cell of our body, often named as intracellular power producing factories; they generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), major energy molecule that transports chemical energy within the cell, fuelling cellular processes. Mitochondria produce about 90% of the chemical energy that cells require for survival. Mitochondria functions in a similar way to the digestive system, which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy rich molecules for the cell.


Mitochondria are essential for normal brain function.

Brain Mitochondria from the elderly people are characterised by the decreased ATP production and increased oxidative stress. Cognitive symptoms of typical mitochondrial dysfunction include impairments in attention, decreased executive function and memory.

Chemical molecules, which are utilised for the cellular energy creation are known as mitochondrial substrates.

Mitocholine is a novel and patent protected combination of mitochondrial substrates and human metabolites:
Choline, Succinate and Nicotinamide.

Our company is dedicated to improving human health with Mitocholine.

Mitocholine is our solution for healthy brain metabolism.
Mitocholine increases and sustains energy levels in the brain cells and thus slows down the processes and signs of ageing.

MSI is dedicated to develop novel nutraceutical composition for maintaining a healthy brain throughout adulthood and during old age.

MitocholineTM - maintaining brain health through nutrition

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